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About Us

Our website is meant to be a thorough guide to the construction, use, and purpose of automotive spray guns, the compressors that power them, and the accessories that are needed to keep them functioning properly. This information will eventually be thorough enough to give you, the reader, all the knowledge needed to use a spray gun to paint a car with any one of a whole range of techniques.

The information here is designed to be comprehensive, but to be divided into short, accessible articles that deal with a specific topic in detail. If a topic demands it, the information about it is spread out across several related articles, each detailing a different aspect of the matter in hand. Thus, you can easily find the data you need and read a description unencumbered by other parts of the process.

We already offer an excellent selection of topics for your perusal, and intend to build the site further over time into a far-reaching database about spray guns and their use in spraying paint onto cars. Everything from cleaning and maintenance to special color considerations and painter’s poses are covered in these pages. We offer it as a useful resource to all auto painters, both new and experienced, and welcome your feedback and questions as well.