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How to Detail Your Car The Right Way – The Necessities

Buffing machine will make your job easy so for me it is worth a single penny to buy this equipment. When it comes to making sure your car lasts as long as possible, you need to not only take care of the engine and all the components under the hood, but you’ll also have to consider a variety of different things that will help you move forward. The other options you’ll have to take note of are the interior, exterior, and much more. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what exactly a detailing job should entail, consider the following options to consider. The following will help give you the necessities to get moving ahead of the curve. From time to time I check my leather and clean it using the best leather care products in the market.

  • Wheels – Your wheels are important, they keep you rolling forward, and when detailing they need to be a focal point. Regardless of whether or not you have a set of rims on your car or not, you need to make sure that you’re polishing the wheels and the interiors as well. This will require a heavy brush if you have chrome and a moderately stiff brush if you’re brushing hubcaps. The wheels then require a treatment of sorts that will not only clean but also protect the tire from sun damage. Look at any automotive store for tire treatment options.
  • Interiors – The interior of your vehicle needs care as well as the outside. You will need to not only vacuum your floor mats and interior, you’ll need to add treatment to a variety of different areas. For instance, you’ll need to ensure that if you have leather seats, to treat them with a spray that cleans and protects from the sun. If you have cloth seats, consider using a light carpet shampoo to clean off any stains and then dry them completely for the best results. The dashboard requires treatment as well, so make sure that you properly dust then treat it with special cleaning solutions that can be purchased at any automotive store. Each piece of the interior should get care, painstakingly even, to ensure high quality detailing.
  • Wax – The outer paint job of your car will require more than just a wash and dry. You’ll want to make sure that you’re moving forward with waxing. Without waxing the exterior, you’ll miss out on the beauty of your paint job. Make sure you invest in a wax that is not too quick drying, and an option that leaves no major buffing or streaks when applied to the paint. If you’re going for a liquid wax or something thinner than average, make sure to apply two coats to make sure that you get the best looking car possible. This will take some time, so make sure not to be in a hurry in applying the wax.
  • Glass – The mirrors, windshield and back of your car require care, so make sure that you find a good glass cleaner that applies easily and leaves no streaks. You want to make sure all glass is cleaned properly, so do not skimp on this option. Glass cleaners are not all the same; make sure that you invest properly to get the best clarity from your glass.
  • Lights – With so many options on the market for the exterior of your car, it’s no wonder that people are starting to include the lights in the detailing of their cars. You’ll want to make sure that you’re cleaning the shields of your lights so that when you turn them on in darkness, letting you see comfortably. You’ll find that there are some products that give you absolute clarity, go with them for the ultimate clean and clear detail.

The above tips are just a handful of things that you’ll need to consider if you’re looking to move forward with detailing the right way. You want to be meticulous when you’re dealing with your car, so make sure that you not only invest in the right types of products, but you also invest the proper time it takes to make everything work the way it should. Take your time when cleaning up all aspects of your vehicle, and it will support you back throughout the years.

The average detailing job should take the average person several hours, so make sure you commission a good part of your day to doing it right.

Raymond Perez writes about Car Care Tips at Car Care Coach.

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