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Automatic Car Wash – Why You Should Avoid Them

Automatic car washes are increasingly being exposed to scrutiny. With the advent of new age products meant to make car washing faster and easier as ever this giant washing machines are in the verge of extinction. Find out the reasons why you should avoid this Night Rider era habit. Every good auto detail starts with a car wash, it is exactly true. But car wash products make a difference especially if it was applied correctly in your car.

Automatic car washes have giant cloth brushes that swirl around your car to give it a good rubbing. These giant brushes work great and are gentler on your car. But because they get filthy as they wash more and more cars through the day the chances of getting other people’s dirt on your car is very high.

In fact incidents of large sharp objects like antennas getting trapped between those brushes are not unheard of. That spells disaster to anyone who takes the next turn on that giant washing machine.

Because of water regulations some automatic car washes are required to recycle water. This recycled water has been used to clean other cars. This can spell disaster if you happen to be last in line. Although recycled water is treated it is scary to think about all those dirt and microscopic particles going back to your car.

Like commercial dry cleaning automatic car washes use industrial strength shampoo to make up for the less accurate way of cleaning a car. A human can visually eye which part of the car needs special attention with a mitt. A rotating giant machine however just treats the whole car the same way. These stronger chemical compounds have been blamed for faded non-metallic parts and other damages when an automatic car wash is used too often.

Automatic car are great if you are in a hurry or have no other place to clean your car. Sometimes people are left with no choice but to drive their cars through one of this. But professional detailers know that it takes a lot of care to bring out the best in your car. They also suggest using automatic car washes only in emergency situations.

Nothing beats a goo77d hand washing with your eye on the paint. This is how people who have show cars prepare their cars. It would be terrible to have giant swirling brushes touch a quality paint job. Professional detailers often say that the less contact the car’s surface has to cleaning devices then the longer it will hold its shine.

At worst, automatic car washes can and will damage your paint. But hand washing can take a lot of time and energy to complete. So it is up to you to choose your preferred method. But if you have a new car and you would like its shine to last for a long time then it is better for you to hand wash your vehicle.

A waterless car wash [] combines the gentleness of hand washing and the convenience and quickness of an automatic car wash. Check out if the Griot’s Garage [] Waterless Spray-On Car wash it is one of the best car wash products that do not need water at all.

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