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Where to Mount Digital Signage

Choosing the best location and position for digital signage is one of the challenges facing most installs. In the early days of the technology, signage screens used to be mounted from ceilings or in corners but it was soon discovered that unless the signage is at eye-level and directly facing its intended audience, it can often get ignored. Signwriters Sydney manufacture, and install a huge selection of top quality signage for small businesses, corporate clients and schools right across Sydney.

When choosing where to mount your signage screen you should always select an area because of the potential audience not because it may look the best spot or is out of the way – Digital signage is not something that should be hidden away it has to be bold and noticeable.

In choosing a location, the best place for digital screens is when you have a captive audience. Captive audiences such as those in point of sale queues are those that have little choice but to consume the content and are therefore more susceptible to whatever marketing message you want to get across.

Outdoors is also another great location for digital screens as the potential audience for outdoor digital signage is usually far greater than an indoor system but the challenge here is in mounting the signage screen to be as visible as possible.

Ceilings are not ideal for mounting of signage screens because people are unused at having to look up. However, you can get away with ceiling mounted signage if the screen is tilted downward and it is as close to eye level as possible.

Wall mounted signage screens are perhaps a better solution but the problem here is that walls are always off the side of walkways and it means the signage screen may not get noticed as people have a blinkered approach when they are travelling through town centres.

However, if digital signage is erected on a wall that faces an entrance it can be more easily noticeable. The screen too should be tilted to provide the best viewing angle for readability.

Floor mounted digital signage is often the best solution for readability but it can cause a obstruction in busy walk ways but with the screen at eye-level and mounted in the middle of a walkway – the digital screen certainly won’t be ignored. Find the best custom stickers for your automobile.

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Digital Signage and Face Recognition Usage

Digital signage and face recognition software can be the best tools to increase your business revenues and reduce costs. They enable retailers and advertisers to use lively, media rich messages directed to the target audience anytime and anywhere without human intervention or supervision, saving on manpower costs. Face recognition software detects the presence of human being and distinguishes them by age and gender. The software incorporated into the digital signage system gives you control over your marketing messages. It allows you to deliver real time content, according to the age and gender of the audience visiting your store. Digital signage system increases your ability to impact viewers and customers with the help of full motion and color video, sound and interactive touch screens. Custom signs from professional signwriters Sydney who can help your clients first impressions last.

Digital signage and face recognition software let you emphasize specific high margin items, limited offers and clearance sales in real time, you can promote featured products at point of purchase with the help of this system. There is evidence that nearly 75% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase. Hence, in store advertising and promotions via digital signage can be effective in increasing your sales. You can change targeted messages quickly, more easily and cheaply than traditional printed signage. You need to reprint content regularly, if you use static signage. Dynamic digital signage offers savings in time, energy and resources.

Digital signage is ground breaking, flexible and attractive. It permits you to customize content, according to your clientele. For instance, if the audience is a young woman, face recognition software detects it instantly. You can then change the content and images that capture the attention of a young woman. Digital signage helps you to take your marketing message at the time when your clientele are more responsive. Hence, you can optimize the effectiveness of your marketing as well as advertising campaigns effortlessly. It integrates into any environment flawlessly, delivering a favorable outcome. You can create brand awareness among new targets and build loyalty among existing customers simultaneously using digital signage system. Whether in consumer goods or in industrial sector, for any given item there are a number of manufacturers and it is absolutely necessary to maintain a market presence. Mass media and psychological evaluation shows that the mind of a consumer is a forgetful thing. The right impact when the consumer gets the idea of purchasing a particular product, creates a decision in his mind. Therefore it is essential to not only be visually present but also influence the prospective customer and digital signage is an invaluable tool.

Nowadays, consumers have numerous choices for products and services. This creates a demand for effective communication systems that place relevant information about product or service at the point of purchase. Digital signage that comes with face recognition software fulfills this requirement greatly. There is software which will focus specifically on eyes and mouth since these express emotions going on in the mind and help further fine tune the ad – by removing content which creates negative responses and further emphasizing content which is impressive. It helps you interact well with your targets and give them valuable assistance to make the best choice. Content can be pushed to digital signage system automatically from back office database systems, relieving the time and energy of human resources.

Digital signage offers you an opportunity to engage people and captivate audiences. You can influence their buying behavior using the signage system. In addition, face recognition software added to the system lets you get relevant statistics about the number of viewers, watching time, gender and age classification. You can keep track of your results with the help of these valuable statistics. It can help you take better investment decisions.

Whether it is legally or ethically acceptable or not companies are also considering usage of subliminals, which can only be possible in digital content delivery. By addressing the subconscious a greater influence can be achieved on the prospective consumer. The human eye and mind work in consonance. However motion is perceived through persistence of images in the brain. Subliminals work around this with video for very brief durations and subnormal level sound messages that are not audible but nonetheless impact the mind. The possibilities are huge in this sector.

Using the digital signage system helps to differentiate your product or service from that of competitors and generate more revenues. Visit our page for product or service that we provide.

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Impact of Products Used in Retail Digital Signage

If you’re a modern hospitality business, such as a trendy eatery or niche late-night cocktail bar you will need to have a good billboard from a signage Sydney company. Retail industry is booming with a speed of light so to speak, but there is also a need to keep up with the marketing aspect. A well planned marketing strategy is what you need if you need to survive this competitive market. Is there something that really works for a unique marketing? Yes, retail digital signage. Digital signage companies in USA put more emphasis on digital signage as this is believed to be a key to attract more eyes. This shows for a fact that digital signage is the approach going ahead. So the business owners also need to enhance their marketing approach and make the best use of numerous retail digital signage designed for them. There is a free digital signage software that provide ready templates for various industries… retail, hospitals, travel, hospitality and other such businesses.

Statistics reveal the same story

Digital signage has been the center of attraction for advertising, and looking at statistics will tell the impact it is having today. Here are some of the key statistics that proves how powerful digital signage is.

  • Captures 400% more views compared to static displays
  • A recall rate of around 83%
  • Proven track record of increasing customer retention by 30%
  • Increases the average purchase by 29.5%
  • Helps to generate growth of 32.8% in repeat buyers
  • 47.7% effectiveness when it comes brand awareness

These, and many other such statistics highlight the fact on how USA Digital Signage Companies are managing to boost up their retail sales.

Applications of retail digital signage

Digital signage is proving to be disruptive, and here are some of the applications these are used for.

  • Helps in branding

To be efficient in branding is to create a unique image of your brand in customer minds. Digital signage does this trick for you, and helps you establish a significant image in your customer’s minds.

  • Window displays

One more unique and effective ways to greet your customers with upcoming events, clearance sales, promoting overstocks, store information, specials, and so on.

  • Interactive displays

State of the art digital signage software is used in touch screens to show different colors, styles, features and similar such attractive options to the customers. This helps them not just understand but also educate themselves about the products.

  • Engages the clients

When people visit your business enterprise do they have a perception of increased waiting time? If yes, the digital signage companies keep your customers entertained for their time in your premises.

Future of retail digital signage

These days, customers are tech savvy and they know what is available out there. This very knowledge on their part has completely changed the way they shop. As a result, businesses have a constant struggle to keep their customers engaged. Reports state that engagement with customers and having transparency about the available choices helps in gaining better business.

With a wide range of possibilities such as free digital signage for everyone and numerous hardware choices, now businesses can carefully plan out their business strategies with what works. If a retail business wants to survive this tough competition they need to make sure that they are always one step ahead of their customers. Using advanced technology will help businesses to match up or even exceed their customers’ expectations from them. Check this to decide whether you go for vehicle signage.